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Sr   <THE   HORN'

Ing the meal did he take his eyes off this Cree,
whose name proved to be Brown Moccasin.
Brown Moccasin noticed the stare but said
nothing. This Cree, Brown Moccasin, was wear-
ing a string of buffalo teeth around his neck, and
our brave Six Killer was looking at this.

When the feast was over Six Killer addressed
the Cree for the first time. He asked him If he
had made that string of buffalo teeth himself.
Brown Moccasin rubbed the teeth up and down
on his chest with the palms of his hands and threw
his head back and laughed loud and long. Then
between his chuckles he said:

'No, I did not make them: I took them off a
Blackfoot I killed a few years ago/ And he con-
tinued to laugh.

Our warrior Six Killer asked him If we, the
Blackfeet, had killed any of their number In this
battle. Brown Moccasin said: 'Yes, one Cree and
fourteen Sioux who were fighting with us.'

Six Killer arose from his seat and went over to
our chief. And, pointing to Brown Moccasin, he
shouted Into the chief's ear: "There is the man who
killed your son. He wears his necklace around
his neck!3

The chief looked quickly at Brown Moccasin
and the necklace, and then he threw his arms into
the air and roared that he was going to kill Brown
Moccasin right there on the spot. He was wild